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Social Services

A concept that imparts practical meaning to our long- standing motto. It is a pedagogy that is manifested first and foremost in providing tangible assistance to others, while at the same time involving a reflective element for student participants. It reflects a whole- person approach to education and designed to provide students with a valuable educational tool, and to deliver meaningful service to individuals.

Service Learning:

  • Combines rigorous academic study with voluntary community service.
  • Illustrates and reinforces academic study through the process of critical thought and levitra 100 mg self- reflection.
  • Children are expected to take an active role in serving the community and possibly gain an appreciation from other sectors.
  • There is a co- operative relationship whereby students learn from the social service agencies and service target within the ocmmunity, and in turn students aid the needs of the lowest price for cialis chosen service targets.

Research Scheme:

  • Enrich students' learning in academic subjects.
  • Develop in students leadership skills as they learn to work collaboratively with community stakeholders.
  • Promote inter- community, inter- cultural and international understanding.
  • Foster students' personal growth, maturity, adequate manners, the examination of values and beliefs, and civic responsiblity, all within the context of a community and its derived needs.
  • Provide help to service agencies and to communities, addressing needs that would otherwise remain unmet and could be fullfilled by children and/or their families.
  • Set academic institutions in a balanced relationship with the community that supports us and in which we are located.
  • Advance children's understanding of societies, cultures, and world issues.

Types of Activities:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Tackling social or environmental issues
  • Orientation visit
  • Community development
  • Self- reflection