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What People Say About Us

"I felt quite disappointed when I just won the Certificate of Excellence from the speaker of Taipei City Council, instead of from the mayor...I am confident that I can do it better. Ms. Chung said: "the children of KD School must have more love than others do.” I think we shall not only have love, but also confidence and determination. When we have confidence, we can show others our love. When we want to show our love to others, we have to make up our mind to do our best. When we believe that we have the ability to realize ourselves and achieve our goals, we are becoming the unique "King David"..." by Melody Fan, July 2010
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"I have learned not just school subjects there...Unconsciously, there has been six years. Time really flies. Because of all the teachings in KD School, I have got many awards and honors from Wu- Chang Elementary School, such as The Model Student, and the Certificate of Excellence from the Commissioner of Department of Education (of Taipei City Government) when I graduated this June." by Cynthia Lin, July 2010
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"...We went out and selling viagra online had a lot of fun with teachers of KD school every summer and winter vacation. They took me out to play even more frequently than my parents did. This made me have a colorful, not plain, childhood, which was not just tests, exams, homework, or curse (punishments)…I was not out perform in my study during my first two years of primary school; however, I gradually progressed after participating in KD school’s learning programs. Finally, I got the Certificate of Excellence from Taipei City Mayor when I graduated this summe..." by Jolin Chiu, July 2010 
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"...Teachers of KD School care every child/ student and his/ her family. They take the students as their own children! When I felt extremly disappointed after the first entrance exam, they supported me and by this, I am now going to Taipei Chenggong High School this autumn....At KD, teachers make learning attitudes and team learning as the top priorities of being students. This is key for me to learn 'how to learn' and 'how to communicate with others'.." by Hank Wu, Aug. 2009
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"...This is a family. I met many true friends and we are just like brothers and sisters. Sometimes, we did have arguements. However, we have learned ethics and proper ettiquette through everyday practices in all my ten years with KD Daycare. We encouraged one another no matter when we studied school subjects or when we went cycling. Ever single moment has straighten our friendship..." by Wendy Chen, Aug. 2009

"I just passed the entrance exam and am turning to become a senior high school student this coming autumn. I joined KD Daycare when I was 6, and I spent almost 10 years in this school, where teachers are kind that they took care of me very carefully. One thing that I really appreciate is: they even prepared special meals for me when I had bad allergies. I also made many close friends...." by William Lin June, 2009
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"I am a career woman; strickly, I have been working part-timely since I was in college. Therefore, I did learn how to manage time effectively. KD Daycare assisted me to reach this goal in bringing up my twins. It all started when they, Hank and Steven, entered the elementary school..." by Ms. Wu (Liu, Hwei- Ming, the mother of the twins)
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"...The most unforgettable memory in my KD School life is: when it came to be my first swimming training at the age of 7. I was so afraid of the pool that I did not dare to even touch the water with my toes. Ms. Chuang led my hands and made me like the water gradually. Now, I can swim very well...." by Steven Wu June, 2009
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