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Global Perspectives

International Approaches

  • A long- term project as vehicles for learning: with respects of children’s creativities and imaginations to advance and enhance international reach following a set of disciplines on teaching young children, and to put the natural development of children as well as the close relationships that they share with their environment.
  • Structured inquiry as a vehicles for learning: organized themes help teachers and children explore the mexican generic cialis broadest sense of issues cialis fast delivery the world. They use key questions, serving as starting points for discussion as well as encouraging children to explore all possible aspects, that are concept-based to canadianp harmacy structure the units of inquiry. They acquire and levitra 10mg apply trans- disciplinary skills while developing an understanding of these important concepts. The development of explicit attitudes and the expectation of socially responsible behavior are also essential elements.

Languages and Culture

Getting children started early with second language skills gives them a head start to succeed in a global economy. Research has shown that once a second language has been acquired, it is easier to learn a third or fourth language. Developing essential language skills leads to success in other subject areas as well. Our language- and- culture-learning programs enable children to explore other possibilities and appreciate other cultures.

Activities and News Clippings