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Our History

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We were firstly initiated as a service to fulfill the gap of elementary school’s students after school care inside a church in Taipei from early 90s, when there has been more and more dual- career families in Taiwan. Career women, at the same time mothers, could not take care of children on week days. After establishing King David Development School and Daycare under R.O.C. social welfare and education regulations

  • in 1992, we have extended both ends of services to kindergarten children and canada drugs no prescription levitra junior high school students when parents of existing students inquired

  • since 1998, we have been more firmed about our role in providing all aspects of education and care services to children.

  • Then, we started English Language Learning Programs when the service was again inquired around 2001, and have been positioned as a premier community brand of  daycare and cram school. However, we have encountered new challenges, including the ordinary markets of daycare and cram school are reaching saturation and the services are not differentiated as well as the new- born rate has been dropping. Most important of all, we feel it is our obligation to do more for children.

  • In early 2009, we thought of change. If change is to result in innovation and renewal is the desired result, then the forms of participation must be change over time. Therefore, we renovated King David Development School and reinforced our services, management, and partnership in many ways. We launched and brought out the concept of TWEducare& Partners. In an effort to be responsive to new realities, we are striving to create educational services for all the children of our community. We are aimed to enhance our role as a family and a school for young children in communities and to re- position ourselves as a national brand and look there an international one, while we promote our identity of Taipei, Taiwan, and the Chinese cultures.
Now, what type of school is best for a city in evolution? Over thhe years, schools have contributed to cultural growth in our society. Today, in a globalization edge, schools must take on new and delicate tasks. Schools must give value to differences and not fear them. Schools must offer opportunities to all without exclusion, and they must favor creative processes so that young people can be curious, critical individuals. More schools must be built on these purposes and missions so that no one is excluded from attending. Inside TWeducare& Partners, we believe children are the most previous creatures from God, and well- educated ones are going to make a powerful impact to family, community, country, and the globe. In order to create a better and more harmony world as well as higher living quality of homeland through children’s education, we are more than a form of nursing centers, daycares, or schools, but a function which is mixed and balanced together to provide a whole person, family,community, and global service. 
Furthermore, we take children’s education as the master project to facilitate a society planning for the future with active, compassionate, lifelong learners while we take a significant role in changing the world from a single life! We are committed to keeping our workers, partners, and clients, especially young children well progressive and innovative in our unique solutions and viagra cost management& educare system, to ensuring compliance with environments and sustainment to cultures, and to supporting the communities that we call homes.


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Activities and News Clippings