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4-6 Project

Phase One (age 4 or under): Your busy, curious child learns about who he/ she is in the world around him/ her. Our curriculum gives him/ her a strong language and literacy foundation, and also builds on math concepts. He/ She learns confidence by doing things like sorting shapes all be himself/ herself, but always has the support of caring teachers.


Phase Two (age 4 and 5): As your child develops higher level thinking skills, a whole new level of exploration opens up. Our programs give your child rich experiences for learning literacy, math, science, and social studies to make sure he/ she is more ready for everyday kindergarten learning. Fine- motor activities like using scissors help him/ her become more independent, while physical activities like jumping and running help him/ her learn new skills in leaps and bounds.


Phase Three (age 5 and 6):  In this phase, our program is about getting your child ready for elementary school. Our experienced teaches access his/ her skills against our learning objectives, and tailor activities to make sure he/ she meets them. Through fun activities, he/ she will learn the math principles, letters, words, and social skills that he/ she will need to hop, skip, and jump into schools.

We do not offer full- day kindergarten, but all activities are designed to better equipped kindergarten children (both from private or public ones) to outperform the only today viagra gel online without prescription standards for first- grade readiness.We know standards are just like jump ropes- we jump as high as we can over them. Activities, (field trips), and homework give him/ her opportunities to explore, question, communicate, and create his/ her own pace, with plenty of guidance from our experienced teachers. He/ She will not only become ready for first grade but will also be ready for the lifetime of learning.




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