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After- School Programs

We offer after school services though King David Development School inside its belonged community, Wu- Chung. We know this is hard. From working with two generations of buy cialis us families, or even three. We know you're making one of the toughest decisions ever for your child. 

And we understand it is not just about checking off boxes..clean, safe, healthy snacks..check!...Instead, it is about finding the right people to help you care and teach your child.

It is about finding a place where your child runs into your arms with a grin on his/ her face at the end of each day.

It is about who you will count on to thoughtfully answer, for the eleventh time today, "Why?"

It is about who will get your child excited to learn even after school.

It is about who is going to be there to help with homework after school.

It is about who will help your child to be everything he/ she wants to be when he/ she grows up, while still letting him/ her a child every day.

We are committed to help nurture and teach your child, every day, for many years to come. 

And King David Development School was, is, and will be our only direct invested after- school center. 


Welcome to King David Development School

your best friend for the lifetime! By Ms. Chung, Li- Ling (The founder of KD Schools)