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合作終止公告:Rinus Roelofs

Fri 30.09 - Wed 06.05.2020
GCG 大中華地區
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【科學文創】自2016年9月30日起,因Rinus Roelofs個人債務影響本公司信譽,正式終止與Rinus Roelofs的合作關係。【多面體花園】及【達文西結構密碼】乃敝公司資產,有意合作對象請直接與我們聯繫。

TWeducare& Partners Co., Ltd. has officially terminated the cooperation with Rinus Roelofs, effective from September 30th, 2016, mainly due to his liabilities have brought us goodwill infringements. We solely own the creations of our projects (project numbers: rr2014001 and rr2014002). The use of the materials is claimed in the legal attest letter.



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