Math, Science, Art, and Fun!

Math, Science, Art, and Fun!

Discovery Learning with Zometool

The workshops/ programs are led in a format that promotes discovery learning. In most cases, the programs are structured so the students are given tasks to complete, or problems to solve using the Zometool pieces. Discussion questions are suggested in italics to prompt students analysis of the concepts they are working on. The intention is that students will build understanding for themselves so they can explain and replicate the knowledge. This process stimulates student curiosity and encourages them to options cialis pfizer 50 mg study the subject matter further. Teachers will also find that the where to buy cialis online look there programs will allow themselves to discover new ideas and challenge their previous understandings. 

The discovery learning promoted here does not replace the need for direction instruction.  Direction instruction is needed for clarification and online viagra store guidance throughout each class. The level of instruction required for each group should be evaluated by t he teacher.

Individuals or schools that are interested in exploring more, please contact us.

Here are videos on children's programs:

Bubbles- I:   


Shadows- I:   


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