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About Us


Our Belief

There is a famous quote by Malcolm Forbes, who published Forbes Magazine, ”Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. We believe children are the most precious creatures from God, and well- educated ones are going to make an impact to family, community, country, and the world.

Our Mission

In order to create a better and more harmony world as well as higher living quality of homeland through children’s education, we are more than a form of nursing centers, daycares, or schools, but a function which is mixed and balanced together to provide a whole person, family, and community service. 

Our Vision

TWeducare& Partners takes children’s education and development as the master project to facilitate a society planning for the future with active, compassionate, lifelong learners while adds values to change a life and http://www.artisticzoom.pl/order-cheap-viagra make an impact!

Our Commitment

In our direct- invested and affiliated schools and daycares, children will grow up happily with love and will experience the joy of exploring the world with our tailor- made projects aimed on long- term developments.

We are committed to keeping our workers, partners, and clients, especially children well progressive and innovative in our unique solutions and management& educare system, to ensuring compliance with environments and sustainment to cultures, and to supporting the communities that we call homes.